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The Mole Stage is currently closed.

Mole Stage

The Mole Stage was Larry “Mole” Parker’s passion project to provide workshops and seminars to film students, providing them with a  “hands on”  education in lighting and electricity. Students come through the Mole Stage every year to learn how to utilize lighting techniques to tell enriching and engaging stories. 

The classes are offered free of charge, to any school, institution or company looking for additional training. They range from basic electric and lighting principles to advanced power distribution.


Basic classes include:


·         An introduction to different types of lighting instruments and their uses

·         Basic electricity using standard house power

·         Shaping light with assorted light modifiers and grip equipment

·         Set etiquette and what’s expected of the various positions on a set

·         Safety and best practices

Advanced classes cover:


·         High output lighting fixtures that require on-set power distribution

·         120v, 208v, single-phase and three-phase power systems

·         Distribution systems and common configurations

·         Load balancing.

Students can also volunteer as crew members for future classes.  This is not only a great opportunity to further advance their lighting skills, but a chance to network with other students, faculty and working professionals.  The Mole Master’s program, open only to Mole Stage volunteers, is a day-long workshop that dissects and recreate scenes from popular films while examining how various looks and styles are created.

Although predominantly used for education, the Mole Stage is also available to rent.  Further questions regarding classes, stage rental and scheduling can be directed to our Stage Coordinator.

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