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Mole-Richarson Co. at the J.L. Fisher Open House this past weekend!

"Mole-Richardson Spacelite 4"

"If you’re in need of a 900W LED overhead light in either daylight or tungsten temperature, the Spacelite 4 is worth a look. The fixture is very comparable to a traditional 6K, but consumes 80% less power than a traditional incandescent. The unit is equipped with four 225W Quantum DOT LEDs at 3200K 95CRI tungsten or 5600K 90CRI daylight..."

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Product Highlight

900W SeniorLED

Pushing LED technology to new limits...introducing the SeniorLED Fresnel. The first of its kind, with 5K equivalent output in a single source LED. With its sleek new design and exceptional color quality it’s guaranteed to leave an impression. Power supply ballast built into trough. 5kw tungsten equivalent and exceeds output of 1200W HMI. We'll be featuring the SeniorLED at the NAB Show 2015!

100W Vari-MoleLED

The newest member of the Variable Color family, the Vari-Mole offers the same high quality full color spectrum LED in a portable, all-in-one kit-style fixture. Designed for ease-of-use and flexibility for both the professional and consumer customer alike. Built in on-board power supply. This entry level color fixture comes standard with powerCon cable and magnetic attaching barn door. We'll be featuring the Vari-MoleLED at the NAB Show 2015!

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